We started our PATHS® journey as a school in September 2022 and already, we have adopted a universal language and approach to enable children to develop self-control, awareness of themselves and others and the ability to make conscious choices over their behaviours, which can sometimes be driven by feelings. By building PATHS® into our curriculum, children learn that all feelings are okay and acknowledge both 'comfortable' and 'uncomfortable' feelings and their effect on thoughts and actions. We are working with children to model and promote problem-solving skills and resilience and in turn, reduce friendship issues and build self-esteem. 


Please explore the leaflet on the right to find out more about why we decided to become a PATHS® school. 


Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies

Children receive PATHS® lessons weekly in line with a suggested pace guide to ensure all areas are covered with fidelity. This programme forms part of our PSHE offer. 

Teachers have the ownership of how best to deliver the key messages within the programme as part of the lesson and in addition to this, have the autonomy to use the language and strategies from PATHS® beyond the PATHS® lesson itself. This ensures that children have the opportunity to practise the acquired Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills in real-life situations. 


Click here to visit the PATHS® website to find out more. 

Please watch this space for data which will evidence the impact of the programme.