We build our school on strong Christian values, supporting our children and families as members of the Wargrave community and the wider world.  We trust God to guide both children and adults to reach their full potential, in a nurturing, loving environment.

What do we mean by ‘Awe and Wonder’?

Do you remember that feeling as a child of seeing something so amazing that you said "Wow!"? That is awe and wonder.

At Wargrave, we feel that this magical feeling should be fostered and actively promoted throughout the curriculum for all children and adults.

The world around us is a very special place and as a Church of England school, we believe that God's creation is something to be explored and celebrated at every opportunity.

We are privileged to be able to play an active role in the spiritual development of our pupils and encourage reflection, enquiry and a sense of 'something other'. This is throughout our teaching of the curriculum: from exploring natural phenomina in science, taking opportunities to reflect in RE, looking at how life has changed in history, to finding out about our wonderful world in geography - there are so many ways that children are spiritual. We encourage children as ask 'big questions' and reflect on themselves, others, the world and beyond. 






Our Curriculum has been designed by the staff and children to provide a bespoke, unique and exciting learning experience which, through the nurturing of curiosity, aims to support our children to know more and remember more!

Within this broad and balanced approach, we place an important emphasis on developing resilience and perseverance and promoting wellbeing and health, with reading at the heart of everything that we do. 

Our ‘knowledge-engaged’ approach to subject disciplines, provides opportunities to build upon both knowledge and skills. Subjects are discretely taught and focussed upon progressively developing pupils’ knowledge, skills and vocabulary; these are attributes which our pupils can then take on through every step of their academic journey.   

All subjects are centrally driven by our Christian values and ethos - I am Truth, Friendship & Respect, which permeate throughout everything that we do. The purpose of our curriculum is to ensure that our children are successful in life and learning, no matter what their starting points and barriers to learning may be. As a school, our curriculum sets high expectations for each and every child, meaning that we are relentless in our commitment to provide rich learning experiences which gives our children hope and ambition for the future.  

We believe that all our children are provided with their own talents which they can use to harness their achievements and aspirations. 


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