Hi, my name is Miss Bradburn, and I am the History Subject Leader at Wargrave Church of England Primary School. 

I am a very passionate historian and as history lead, it is my job to develop children at Wargrave into investigative, motivated, and knowledgeable historians who make continuous progress throughout their Wargrave journey. 

I ensure all teachers, from the EYFS department to Year 6, can plan, teach and assess history lessons which are based on our carefully curated long-term plan and encapture the essence of our Christian school. As teachers, when we teach history, we help our children to have a greater understanding of the world that surrounds us and the society we live in today, which in turn, allows them to become well-rounded and empathetic individuals. Our history curriculum has been carefully curated and allows children to gain an understanding of the community that surrounds them and the roots that they have grown from. Children at Wargrave gain a plethora of skills from our well-taught history sessions such as the ability to think critically, develop a well-balanced opinion, reflect intentionally and develop an understanding of self.