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Wargrave Church of England Primary & Nursery School

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The science curriculum at our school aims to give all children a strong understanding of the world around them whilst acquiring specific skills and knowledge to help them to think scientifically, to gain an understanding of scientific processes and also an understanding of the uses and implications of Science, today and for the future. The principles below underpin our science curriculum:

  • Staff understand that the essential idea of a knowledge-based curriculum where children apply prior ‘sticky’ knowledge and then move forward in acquiring new information which develops deeper understanding.
  • Staff proactively promote a sense of awe and wonder, with science being viewed as the basis of all knowledge.
  • Science is viewed as such a wide-reaching subject that all children can succeed in some way, whether that is through acquisition of knowledge or the development of skills.
  • Staff understand the need to explore ‘big ideas’ to help children overcome misconceptions and make connections with what they know and what they are yet to know.
  • Staff identify that ‘small ideas’ can become ‘big ideas’ through exploring scientifically.
  • Staff are given the tools to promote a classroom where working scientifically can take many forms, not just investigating but researching, observing and more!
  • Children develop an understanding of the many branches of science and how our society benefits from them, thus developing cultural capital; we even encourage children to call themselves aspiring scientists linked to their learning through using the names of science branches as much as possible, from A to Z - anatomists to zoologists!
  • Science is not JUST about ‘making sense’ of the world around us; it is about developing the skills and knowledge to be ‘the expert’.
  • All children are encouraged to develop a growth mindset through taking risks, with scientific enquiry (working scientifically) at the forefront: ‘real’ scientists do this. 

As a result of these key principles, children will make rich connections between science and life beyond the classroom. Children will understand that science is fundamental to everyday life, with strong links to mathematics, technology and engineering and the world of work. Children will know that mistakes are valuable and a necessary part of learning at Wargrave. Our curriculum approach to science will instill children with the philosophy that there is no such thing as ‘failure’ – we will try again and find a way that works.

Useful websites: 

I'm a Scientist - Year 5 and 6 have recently engaged with this to connect with REAL scientists and ask scientific questions!

Developing Experts - the learning platform we are allowing children to access to supplement science teaching in school. Log in here. 

BBC Bitesize Science - lots of fun and interactive science resources online.