Bradlegh Road, Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, WA12 8QL

01744 678720

Wargrave Church of England Primary & Nursery School

"I am... Truth - Friendship - Respect"


My journey at Wargrave began almost 30 years ago in 1992. I have had the pleasure of working in almost all year groups and have had responsibilities for a variety of curriculum areas in that time.

When I was asked to oversee Music following the retirement of our previous Music Leader, I was delighted. I am by no means a talented Musician, but I have had an interest in Music since childhood. I learned to play the flute at high school and performed in orchestras and ensembles and even in the pit at Chorley Little Theatre for a performance of 'The King and I'. I began to learn to play the piano towards the end of my high school years and continued with this through college and university.  I found this a big challenge. I do not find it easy at all and need to practise intently to learn new pieces of music to play. 



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