Subject Leader

At Wargrave, children have access to a full, stimulating, creative curriculum. The children’s literacy skills are developed through an integrated programme of speaking and listening, reading and writing, and then extended throughout all other curriculum areas.

At Wargrave school we aim for all pupils to:

  • develop effective speaking, listening, group interaction and drama skills
  • read and write with confidence, fluency and understanding, using a range of independent strategies to self-monitor and correct
  • understand phonics and regular spelling patterns, using them to read and spell accurately
  • become lifelong readers with an interest in books, who read for enjoyment, evaluating and justifying their preferences
  • have an interest in words and their meanings; developing a growing vocabulary
  • understand a range of text types and genres and be able to write in a variety of styles and forms appropriate to the situation
  • develop the powers of imagination, inventiveness and critical awareness
  • have fluent and legible handwriting
  • understand the structure and styles of a range of fiction and non-fiction texts
  • become independent in the process of planning, drafting, editing and improving their own writing

Long Term Plan

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