Curriculum & Learning at Wargrave Church of England

Our Curriculum has been designed by Wargrave C of E Primary School to provide a bespoke, unique and exciting learning experience which, through the nurturing of curiosity, aims for our pupils to develop into articulate learners with high aspirations. Within this broad and balanced approach, we place an important emphasis on developing resilience and perseverance and promoting wellbeing and health, with reading at the heart of everything that we do. 


Our ‘knowledge-engaged’ approach to subject disciplines, provides opportunities to build upon both knowledge and skills. Subjects are discretely taught (using Development Matters and the National Curriculum as a basis and enhanced by carefully selected pedagogical research) and focussed upon progressively developing pupils’ knowledge, skills and vocabulary; attributes which our pupils can then take on through every step of their academic journey.   


All subjects are centrally driven by our four Learning Powers, which permeate throughout everything that we do. Each Power has a religious foundation, with a carefully considered message from the Bible that promotes our Christian distinctiveness. These interlinked Powers, based on developing both character and spirituality, ensure that the pupils of Wargrave Primary School accrue the attributes necessary for a happy and successful future based on faith, hope and love in all that they do.


The purpose of our curriculum is to ensure that our children are successful in life and learning, no matter what their starting points and barriers to learning may be. As a school, our curriculum sets high expectations for each and every child, meaning that we are relentless in our commitment to provide rich learning experiences which gives our children hope and ambition for the future.  Just as popular superheroes are provided with talents which they use to better the world, we believe that all our children are provided with their own talents which they can use to harness their achievements and aspirations. In the book of Matthew, Christians are told to let their light shine to glorify God.  This is what we intend to do with our Curriculum; we want our children to showcase their God-given talents to make their World an emotionally, academically and creatively richer place.