Year 5

Year 5’s Learning Journey - Autumn 2019

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Year 5's Learning Journey - Spring 2020

This Spring term, we introduced the children to their new World War 2 focus in English and history – with a particular focus on the Blitz and Evacuation. The children have fallen in love with their class text – Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll – and this has driven our writing and reading focus so far this term. The children have created diaries in the style of Flossie Albright’s My Secret War Diary and completed an incredibly moving piece inspired by The Piano from The Literacy Shed. During Guided reading sessions, they have completed dialogic book talk sessions on a range of texts, including 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.' The children visited the library for Holocaust Memorial Day to learn all about Anne Frank. This topic has moved the children in a way we did not expect and they produced some truly breathtaking writing and detailed exploration of Blitz conditions. A sobering and thought provoking visit to the local nursing home gave the children the opportunity to question first hand witnesses to history and the impact the Blitz had on our local community.


In Spring 2, the children will be exploring our next 'Write Stuff' unit based on 'The Nowhere Emporium'.


In Maths, the children have worked so hard to increase their understanding of fractions, particularly enjoying using cake to show real life situations. WE have taken part in two separate business and enterprise sessions this half term, one completing the well loved enterprise game and our why work sessions exploring the impact our behaviour has on the supply chain. The whole school experienced the fantastic Subject Revolution testing all aspects of their mathematical knowledge.


Our second art unit of the year has provided children with the opportunity to develop their knowledge of tonal shading and create a piece of mixed media art based on Alfred Munnings, a World War 1 artist.


Science lessons have involved lots of practical activities learning about blackout blinds and the properties required from the materials used to create them. Miss Shakeshaft, our student teacher, provided children in both classes with a wealth of opportunities to explore scientifically. Next half term, within Animals Including Humans, we will start the interesting topic of our own development during puberty. In RE, we have reflected on who has taught us different lessons in our life so far and how Jesus was the best example of a teacher for us all.