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Year 2

Year 2’s Learning Journey - Autumn 2018

During the Autumn Term the children worked hard on developing their writing stamina. We started the term by launching our fairy-tales topic with a local walk to the woods. We found Little Red Riding Hood on the way to Grandma’s house, stopped the wolf from catching her and enjoyed eating delicious cake. Bringing our WOW starter to life allowed the children to be fully immersed into writing. They were able to write effective sentences linked with our FANTASTICS and as a result produced excellent recounts!

Following this memorable experience, the children received a letter from the Fairy Tale Police to inform us that the gingerbread man was on the loose. Children were urged to catch the gingerbread man and create their own set of instructions. Children focused on developing their knowledge of imperative verbs, time conjunctions and adjectives.

To promote reading for pleasure the children enjoyed creating their own reading rockets for our ‘Blast off into a Book’ space themed area.  We shared lots of discussion about what makes a good book and wrote on speech bubbles to display in our reading area. We have also launched our new ‘Pour Over a Book’ school reading incentive, where children can win the opportunity to visit Starbucks.

This term we introduced a new maths approach which focuses on teaching maths for mastery. This is being implemented through Singapore Maths No Problem. Although this has been challenging at times, children have responded well to the new approach and are developing their mathematical fluency daily.  Our aim is to create a maths mind-set where children understand concepts at a rational level rather than just rules and procedures. This approach is taught through concrete, pictorial and abstract representations.

Our biggest mystery this half term has been the disappearance of a dinosaur egg! This created such a buzz around school and a real love of learning especially when Jam the dinosaur came to visit. We had lots of different writing opportunities and our boys were fully engrossed in our new topic and excited to write about it! The children used expanded noun phrases in their WANTED poster to describe the missing dinosaur to the police. Keeping with our fairy tale theme we then looked at a text that combined dinosaurs with fairy tales and thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped a Princess’. Following this text, we enjoyed writing letters, sequencing events in the story and even created our own twisted fairy-tale with a dinosaur character.

In Design and Technology, we enjoyed creating dinosaur characters for our moving pictures and explored which mechanism would be the most effective to make our twisted tale come to life! During Science we experimented what materials would be best to make a baby dinosaur’s cage and tested their suitability.