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Year 1

Year 1’s Learning Journey - Autumn 2018

Year 1 have had an exciting term so far!  We began by reading our focused text ‘Pumpkin Soup’ to the children, before taking them to the woods to find the wooden spoons that naughty duck had hidden. All of the children, especially the boys, were engaged in the text and the visit, resulting in them returning to school and creating effective vocabulary word banks to describe the setting using the FANTASTICS. These have been displayed around the classroom to prompt the children when writing.

In the reading area, there is an under the water theme. The children can sit on seaside rubber rings and engross themselves in a book. There are a variety of books including comics and non- fiction books to promote boys reading.  Displayed ‘in the sea and the sky’ there are high frequency words on fish and hot air balloons. Questions are scattered around that the children can ask each other when they have finished a book. The children are enjoying the class read, which is being read at the end of the day. The children had a visit from the Reading Bus.

During this term, the children have been very excited about two dinosaur eggs which appeared in the hall.  They were kept in the corridors, resulting in all the children being very motivated to learn about dinosaurs. The boys in particular enjoyed finding out about them using non-fiction books. A visit from Jam the dinosaur and the children arriving in school to find the eggs had been ‘stolen’ created an unforgettable learning experience and produced lots of writing opportunities. These included a character description, writing a letter to Jam and even helping Jam to choose the correct materials when he was in the kitchen, which links to our science.

This term in Science we looked at different materials and their properties, the children chose their own criteria to sort them, before creating a useful bank of vocabulary which helped the children to produce a non-fiction book about materials to send to Glob the Alien.

In topic we have been learning about homes in the past and present. The children were able to compare objects from the past and reflect on whether they would prefer to live in the past and explain why. What a busy and exciting term Year