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Nursery Learning Journey – Autumn 2018

Nursery have had a very busy Autumn Term so far. We have been learning to access the resources in our classroom independently and developing our self-help skills.

We started the term by sharing the text ‘Paddington Goes to the Zoo.’ We used this as a starting point for our work on People and Communities and encouraged the children to talk about places they like to visit with their families, developing important confidence when speaking to peers. We also shared a story called ‘Paper dolls,’ and discussed similarities and differences between ourselves and peers.

We have sung lots of number rhymes to help us with reciting the number names in order to 10. This has also helped children with developing an

awareness of how a set changes in quantity when we add or remove something, a current teaching focus which was identified at baseline.

Later in the half term, term we had some mysterious eggs appear in our school hall. The children were very excited and loved going on a dinosaur hunt around school after Jam the dinosaur came to visit. The children were paleontologists for the day and gently brushed away soil and sand to reveal lots of dinosaur bones. This promoted the children’s fine motor control and use of one handed tools.  

We also performed dinosaur dances using Boogie Beebies as a stimulus and sorted the dinosaurs by the number of legs, wings / no wings etc. The children made their own dinosaurs in the creative area, discussing the skin and features of their dinosaurs, extending their descriptive vocabulary.

In mark making, we have explored making marks in lots of different media. For most children distinguishing between the different marks they make has been a necessary focus and we have encouraged the children to begin to use some language to talk about their mark making.

There has also been lots of focus on Reading this term. We havesang nursery rhymes every day and developed the children’s listening skills by encouraging them to listen for missing words in a rhyme. The children also enjoyed putting new words to old rhymes such as ‘Twinkle, twinkle chocolate bar, my dad drives a rusty car!’

We have completed our Early Talk Boost Assessments and have identified children who would benefit from ETB sessions in Autumn 2.